Glory Power Ministries will bring help, hope and love to orphans, destitute and the hurting around the world.

Glory Power Ministries is dedicated to giving spiritual, humanitarian and emotional support to orphans, destitute and the hurting.




The founders of Glory Power Ministries (GPM), Don and Myrna Paprocky, have been missionaries in South Africa since March of 2005. Don and Myrna heard of the millions of people, including a multitude of orphans, who are suffering from hunger, poverty and/or AIDS in South Africa. They established GPM to help orphans, widows, refugees and the poor in sub-Saharan Africa and other countries around the world.  

Don and Myrna were told when they began their work in the Limpopo province, one of the poorest areas in South Africa, that they were the first full-time missionaries in the area in over 30 years. The Limpopo province borders the countries of Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Don and Myrna went into the villages evangelizing and giving food, Bibles, clothing and necessities to thousands of orphans and the destitute. They also went into refugee camps of Zimbabweans and Mozambicans where they also evangelized and gave food, clothing and Bibles to thousands. Don and Myrna set up three GPM Centers in villages and a refugee camp from which much of the ministry of GPM is now being done. 

After four years of ministering in South Africa, God opened up the door for Don and Myrna to minister in the country of Ukraine. Don is of Ukrainian descent and speaks the language fluently. Don and Myrna have a heart for the orphans in Ukraine (approximately 140,000 orphans in mostly government-run orphanages) and for the children living on the streets (approximately 100,000 children). While in Ukraine, Don and Myrna ministered in Christian orphanages, to street children, to teen boys in prison, at a drug rehab center, as well as in churches. Don and Myrna look forward to their next visit to the Ukraine, and meanwhile GPM has staff in Ukraine who help GPM’s work and support of two Christian orphanages and orphans in prison. 

In the past couple of years, God has given Don and Myrna a heart for destitute pastors in India who risk their lives to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. GPM helps support three such ministries in India who have churches and evangelistic outreaches in India and who also help orphans, widows and the poor. 

Don and Myrna are currently in the United States where GPM is also ministering. They have seen that the people in the U.S. need ministering to like never before. Meanwhile, the pastors, staff and volunteers of GPM keep the ministries in South Africa and Ukraine running smoothly.

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