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JOURNAL - October 25, 2012

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We pray that you are being blessed so that you can be a greater blessing to others. The work of Glory Power Ministries (GPM) continues in different parts of the world. Keep reading - some great news to share.



Evangelistic Outreach
Pastor Patrick of the Glory Power Center (GPC) in Magona, GPM’s main church and community center, continues to reach out to the region with regular evangelistic meetings. He recently held such meetings at GPM’s church in the village of Phaweni. The Phaweni church has experienced a lot of persecution from cults and other churches over the years, but has miraculously survived and is now thriving. These evangelistic meetings in Phaweni saw at least 95 people commit their lives to Jesus. Praise God! Many were also delivered from demonic oppression and possession, a common scourge in Africa.

Some of the people who came forward to receive Jesus at evangelistic meetings held at GPM's church in Phaweni village. Some 95 souls prayed to receive Jesus at these meetings.

GPM's Phaweni church is led by a young pastor, Matimba (which means "strong" in his native language.) This is an appropriate name because Matimba has been strong in the Lord through the many setbacks of the church. Please pray for this wonderful church to grow stronger. God always blesses perseverance through trials. Galatians 6:9 says, And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Great job, Patrick and Matimba!

Baptisms at Magona
Recently, 57 people were baptized at the GPC in Magona! Pastor Patrick baptized in the special baptistry outside the church that was built a few years ago by young men from the congregation. We are so proud of these many individuals who followed Christ in this act of obedience, which symbolizes “being buried with Christ and being raised to a new life.”

Pictured here are some of the 57 people who were baptized recently at the GPC in Magona.

Pastor Patrick baptizing at the GPC in Magona.

GPM Orphans Farm
Many of you have read in the past about GPM’s long struggle in developing the much needed farm for orphans and destitute near the GPC in Magona. It took GPM two years just to secure a remote piece of land from the governing municipality. Then, it took a little while to find a competent person to drill the well.

Well (no pun), the well was finally drilled a few weeks ago!!! Much prayer went into finding the right spot to drill the well. Usually such wells have to be drilled up to 100m (about 330 feet) to find ample water. But this well only had to be be drilled 60 meters (about 200 feet) before ABUNDANT WATER was found!! Pastor Patrick said that it was a MIRACLE! The pump and two 5000 liter tanks (a liter is approximately a quart) were also installed.

Two 5000 liter tanks tower over the well that was recently drilled on the land for the Glory Power Orphans Farm in Magona. Pastor Patrick is in the foreground.

The church and entire community are so excited about the GPM Orphans Farm! The farm - the size of two football fields - will help feed many hundreds of orphans and destitute and will also give business opportunities to the older orphans.

The only things lacking now to get the farm started are the fencing, irrigation equipment, and seeds - that's it - and GPM is trusting God for those funds. The next step after that would be to secure a truck to transport produce and more. WE LOOK FORWARD TO THE DREAM OF THIS FARM COMING TRUE!

New GPM Church
Pastor Patrick of the GPC in Magona reaches out in many ways to further the gospel in his region. Patrick has had in his heart for a long time to start a church in the area where he grew up, known as Block D. This area has been steeped in witchcraft for many years and is in desperate need of the Light of God.

Patrick has known a man of God named Chris for many years. After much prayer, GPM feels peace about Chris being the pastor of this new church in Block D. The owner of a butcher shop in Block D has agreed to let GPM use his shop for church services on Sunday. This is the fifth church under GPM in South Africa, and we are excited about further spreading the love of Jesus in this dark region.

GPM has planted a new church in an area known as Block D - where Pastor Patrick of GPC Magona grew up. The church will be having Sunday services in this butcher shop (called butchery),
led by a man of God named Chris.

GPC in Magona Painted
The GPC in Magona serves as GPM’s largest church and also as a community center. Here, some 200 orphans and destitute children are fed nutritious meals each week. GPC holds church services, all night prayer meetings, evangelistic outreaches, youth conferences, training conferences, and teaching and ministering to orphans.

The facility also serves as a recreation center with a trampoline, scooters, foosball game, ping pong, badmitton, and much more recreational equipment for the orphans and destitute. In addition, the GPC serves as a Christian Cinema where many come from the community on Friday nights to watch Christian themed movies. Numerous people receive Christ as Savior every week at the cinema when an invitation is given at the end of each Christian movie.

The GPC in Magona was recently painted on the outside. The color is actually a light "Glory" yellow. Notice the cross above the door.

This almost 7,000 square foot structure was built and donated by a South African builder, Steph. Recently, the GPC was painted on the outside with paint also donated by Steph. In the pictures the color of the GPC appears white, but the color is actually a light yellow – representing God’s Glory.

Everyone in the community says that the newly painted light yellow church looks beautiful - to the Glory of God!

The GPC in Magona touches many hundreds of lives for the praise of God. We thank you again, Steph, and may God continue to be honored at the GPC!

GPM feeds about 200 orphans and destitute children each week at the GPC in Magona. Here, a group from Living Hope Baptist, Bowling Green, KY, came to help, including Myrna's sister, Lilybeth Parrent, in the long light-green dress on the right. Thank you!


Pastor Peter, of GPM’s church in the refugee camp of Mokgoba, also continues to reach out to his community. A couple of weeks before this writing, Pastor Peter held evangelistic meetings in the refugee camp in his church tent (which GPM purchased this year). During these meetings, at least 38 people prayed to receive Jesus! Just since our last journal, at least 107 precious souls have prayed to receive Jesus through Pastor Peter’s ministry in the camp. Praise God.

Some of the crowd at a recent evangelistic meeting at GPM's church in the refugee camp of Mokgoba. At least 38 people prayed to receive Jesus at these meetings.

Two who received Jesus at the Mokgoba crusade on the ground repenting before the Lord.

In addition, many people have been set free from strong demonic oppression and possession at GPM's church that Pastor Peter leads. Some of the testimonies that we receive are too graphic and shocking to include here – something you would see in a horror movie. However, here is a testimony of a women set free from demonic bondage:

“My name is Kedibone, I am 19. I was working for the kingdom of darkness… and my duty (from a witch doctor) was to sleep with married men so that I can destroy their marriage. I have destroyed 120 marriages … I had been trying to destroy Pastor Peter (GPM pastor), but he is the only man whom I tried and failed. I met Jesus at his church and accepted Him, and He delivered me.”

Now she is free from this cursed assignment, Hallelujah! We are so proud of Pastor Peter who is a true and powerful man of God.

Kedibone, 19, was tasked by a witch doctor to sleep with married men to destroy marriages. She calculated that she had broken up 120 marriages. She tried to destroy Pastor Peter's marriage at GPM's Mokgoba church, but instead got saved, delivered and now serves the Lord!

Pastor Peter recently baptized 18 people at a nearby lake,
including this precious teenager.

Pastor Peter also recently baptized at a local (cold) lake. 18 people followed Christ in obedience and were baptized. Since our last journal 48 individuals have been baptized by Pastor Peter! Please pray that all of these new believers continue to follow Jesus as they are discipled at Pastor Peter’s church.

The lake was cold where Peter baptized, but that did not
stop people from following Christ in obedience.

Since the last journal, through GPM's ministry in South Africa and the U.S., over 300 people have prayed to receive Jesus.

SO FAR THIS YEAR, AT LEAST 730 SOULS HAVE ACCEPTED JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR THROUGH GPM! In addition, there are also many who have come to Jesus in India, Ukraine, Kenya and elsewhere through ministries partnering with GPM. WE GIVE GLORY TO GOD!

IF YOU WANT TO HELP GPM WITH ITS MINISTRIES IN SOUTH AFRICA,CLICK HERE TO DONATE Be sure to click on South Africa on the Designation drop down menu. If you want your donation for GPM's ministry in South Africa to be directed toward a specific need, you can note that in the Comment section.


Overhead shot of Pastor Anandarao of Immanuel Ministries in India, which GPM partners with, while preaching in a village church.

GPM continues to support Immanuel Ministries in rural India under the direction of Pastor Anandarao. Pastor Anandarao travels to remote Hindu villages and shares the gospel of Jesus. He also distributes Bibles and gospel tracts with his lovely wife, Karuna, as well as helps to care for the needs of orphans and widows.

Pastor Anandarao has started the process of building a hut in his village to be used for regular prayers and worship services. They had been gathering in a rented room for these services on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays but have outgrown that room. With building their own hut, Pastor will save money on rent and will have more to help the orphans and widows and evangelistic outreaches.

GPM was able to help some with Immanuel Ministries in India starting to build a hut in their village for church services and prayer. Here, Pastor Anandarao is prayerfully dedicating
the building of the hut.

Pastor Anandarao recently shared the gospel along with other pastors at a meeting in a village called Mupalla. (See the picture below.) The Lord gave Pastor Anandarao a blessed and fruitful time at this meeting. Pastor Anandarao is fervent in sharing the love of God in his remote Hindu region. GPM is privileged to partner with Immanuel Ministries.

Pastor Anandarao of India preaching at a recent evangelistic meeting in the village of Mupalla in his region. GPM is privileged to partner with his ministry, Immanuel Ministries, in spreading the gospel in rural India.

Auto Rickshaw
GPM is praying for funds to purchase an auto rickshaw for Pastor Anandarao so he, along with several other pastors in the region, can go together in outreaches there. The total cost for this auto rickshaw is approximately $3,300.

The rickshaw looks like a huge tricycle. It is one of the most inexpensive and common forms of transportation. The particular rickshaw that GPM wants to purchase will seat six people. GPM has a great desire to help Pastor Anandarao and his pastor friends who risk their lives to share Jesus in India.

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Luda Magirovska and her ministry, Revived By Love, continues to minister to orphans and street children in Lviv, Ukraine. Luda has “age outers” living with her in her tiny apartment. “Age outers” are orphans who have to leave government orphanages, according to the law, at age 16 – they age out - and are on their own. At age 16 they don't have the job training and life skills needed to make it on their own, and many end up living on the streets and dying on the streets. GPM is partnering with Luda in helping save these children from a horrible life.

Luda here at a picnic with orphans and street children. Luda has orphans living with her and in her tiny apartment in Lviv, Ukraine, and is always reaching out to the many other children in her region. She has been ministering the love of Jesus with physical, emotional and spiritual help to orphans and street children for over 10 years. Some of the orphans and street children who Luda helped in the past are now leading stable lives and have jobs - in appreciation these are now helping Luda minister to others.

Luda has had a number of these age outers live with her over the years. Two of these have left Luda’s apartment recently to live elsewhere. However, they and more orphans and street children usually come to her apartment regularly for meals, to wash up, and for the wonderful Godly love and teaching that Luda gives them. The number of needy children coming to Luda for help is increasing because the economy in the Ukraine, like the rest of Europe, continues to worsen.

More of the sweet orphans in Lviv, Ukraine
at a recent picnic with Luda.

Luda has been helping orphans and street children for over 10 years, and she recently shared with Don how several of the first orphans she had helped are now committed Christians and have jobs and living well on their own. These thankful orphans that Luda helped are now helping Luda share the gospel with the street children and even contribute to her ministry. What a rewarding investment she made in these priceless children! GPM is honored to continue to support Luda and Revived By Love.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP GPM WITH ITS MINISTRIES IN UKRAINE,CLICK HERE TO DONATE Be sure to click on Ukraine on the Designation drop down menu. If you want your donation for GPM's ministry in Ukraine to be directed toward a specific need, you can note that in the Comment section.


GPM also continues to support Pastor Vincent Abuga Ogutu and his wife, Alice, and their ministry, Redemption Gospel Ministry (RGM) in Kenya. RGM spreads the gospel in rural Kenya and cares for some 21 orphans.

Our heart breaks for the suffering that Pastor Vincent, along with his wife, Alice, their children and the orphans they are caring for are going through. GPM recently sent them some more funds, but they are in dire need. They are hungry, barefoot, have torn clothes and have no soap to shower with.

Earlier this year, there was a severe hailstorm in their region, and the crops in their field were destroyed, the house for the orphans was destroyed, and their temporary church made of banana leaves was destroyed. Pastor Vincent struggles to pastor the church while his 12 hour work days yields him about $1 a day.

A tornado with hail recently struck the area in Kenya where RGM is located. Here, Pastor Vincent Ogutu of RGM stands in the severely damaged corn field that is used for their cereal enterprise which GPM funded. The house for their orphans was also destroyed, along with their temporary church made of banana leaves. Pastor Vincent, his wife, his children, and the orphans he is helping are all hungry. GPM has recently sent help and hopes to send more help soon.

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GPM regularly prays for the peace of Jerusalem, as we are commanded to do in Psalm 122:6-7: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: "May they prosper who love you. Peace be within your walls, Prosperity within your palaces."

GPM continues to partner with ministries that spread the gospel of Christ in Israel and feed orphaned and destitute Jews. Recently, it was reported that 25% of adults and 33% of children in Israel live below the poverty level. GPM supports a ministry which provides food baskets to the destitute in Israel.

GPM supports helping orphans such as these in Israel.

In addition, GPM helps support Holocaust survivors in Israel. About 33% of the 200,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel are impoverished. GPM helps in meeting the basic essentials of these, including supporting housing needs.

With Israel feeling the growing isolation from the world and on the brink of war, now is an urgent time to support and pray for the people of Israel.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP GPM WITH ITS MINISTRIES IN ISRAEL, CLICK HERE TO DONATE Be sure to click on Israel on the Designation drop down menu. If you want your donation for GPM's ministry in Israel to be directed toward a specific need, you can note that in the Comment section.


Don recently preached at the Ukrainian Baptist Church
his late father founded about 60 years ago. He
preached on the "F" word, a dirty word to many

GPM continues ministering while in the US, including preaching, teaching, evangelizing, encouraging, helping feed the poor and more. Don recently preached at the Ukrainian Baptist church in Philadelphia that his late father founded almost 60 years ago. His theme was the “F” word – which brought shocked looks from the congregation at first. The “F” word turned out to be “Forgiveness,” which to many is almost a dirty word.

Jesus prayed in the Lord’s Prayer, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” An offense produces an indebtedness. (have you ever said, "You owe me an apology.") At the end of the service, Don led a corporate prayer of repentance from unforgiveness, and tears were seen all over the congregation.

Don helped with the organizing of a huge solemn prayer assembly in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, America for Jesus. This rally drew thousands to the birthplace of America to repent and pray for a turnaround in our country. Independence Hall is in the background.

America for Jesus 2012 was a solemn prayer assembly held on September 28th and 29th on the grassy "mall" extending out from Independence Hall in Philadelphia. We in America know that this country is in desperate need of revival with the serious problems that we face.

This prayer assembly, in front of the building where this country was formed back in the 1770’s, saw thousands of people come from all over the country to repent and pray for God’s mercy. Many well known Christian leaders led in prayer at this event. Don had the privilege of helping the organizing team with this effort.

Don and Myrna behind the many thousands facing Independence Hall for America for Jesus. Many Christian leaders led in prayers and repentance that went on for hours. We believe that this event will help start a much needed revival in our land according to 2 Chronicles 7:14.

2 Chronicles 7: 14 says, "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." It is up to God’s people to “stand in the gap” for this land and the world.

There was a youth service at America for Jesus on the first night.

There was a massive food distribution to the poor in Philadelphia connected with America for Jesus. Don helped out with distributing food parcels to the needy and had a chance to witness in a neighborhood not far from where he grew up.

As part of America for Jesus, over 3 million pounds of food and supplies were distributed to the poor at eight venues in Philadelphia. This venue is near where Don grew up.

Don helped distribute food and supplies to the needy as
part of America for Jesus at a venue in Philadelphia
near where he grew up.

America for Jesus was an incredible experience of corporate prayer. We believe that God has honored this and that revival will break out in this country.

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We are so thankful for everyone who supports GPM with prayers, finances and encouragement. You are definitely an indispensable part of GPM. Proverbs 22:9 says, "He who has a generous eye will be blessed, For he gives of his bread to the poor." May God continue to bless you as you are generous to the poor.
Don and Myrna Paprocky


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