Glory Power Ministries will bring help, hope and love to orphans, destitute and the hurting around the world.

Glory Power Ministries is dedicated to giving spiritual, humanitarian and emotional support to orphans, destitute and the hurting.





Glory Power Centers:

Glory Power Ministries helps orphans, refugees and destitute through our three Glory Power Centers and outreaches in many villages. There is a crisis situation in South Africa where there are hundreds of thousands of orphans, and most of them are hungry and hopeless. There are more orphans percentage wise (mainly because of HIV/AIDS) in South Africa than in any country in the world. There is also a very desperate situation with hundreds of thousands of starving Zimbabwean refugees fleeing their country into South Africa seeking food and employment. As unemployment is very high in South Africa, most refugees cannot find work and are left without food or a place to live; many eat bugs to survive.

Our main Glory Power Center is our church building/community center (7,000 square feet) in the village of Magona which is being used for:
  * Church services.
  * Evangelistic outreaches to the village of Magona and many other villages in the region. To date, 11,688 precious people have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. Many of these evangelistic outreaches include the distribution of food, clothing and necessities to orphans and the most destitute. Since 2006, Glory Power Ministries has distributed food parcels (which usually last for a month) to 51,757 desperate orphans, widows and refugees, and have given clothes, shoes, blankets, and basic necessities to 11,601 of these needy and hurting people.
 * Hot cooked meals of meat, vegetables and corn meal, along with fruit, are provided to the orphans in the area. Glory Power Ministries has provided 42,065 hot meals to orphans.
 * Discipleship training in the church services, conferences and Bible studies, This includes teaching GPM's Mind of Christ program, which teaches how to have healthy self-esteem according to the Bible. The orphans who are fed at the Glory Power Center are also discipled regularly through Bible teaching, Bible verse memorization, and Christian videos.
 * Weekly Christian movie night where a Christian movie is shown at the Glory Power Center as an evangelistic and discipleship tool. This free movie night draws villagers from the region. The movies are in English which some of the villagers understand well and others want to learn, because the better they understand English, the better their job prospects.
  * Business start-up training and resources are provided to orphans, widows and destitute to start their own businesses. Job training (in the form of English classes) is provided to the destitute.
 * Recreational activities - we currently have volleyball, soccer, rugby, badminton, trampoline, ping pong, table fussball, hula hoops, scooters and board games. This is in a village where the children have no toys whatsoever.
 * HIV/AIDS education.
 * Library.

The other two smaller Glory Power Centers have church services with evangelism and discipleship training. Witchcraft is a big problem in the area, so spiritual deliverance is a big part of the ministry at the Centers.

Glory Power Farm:
Glory Power Ministries is in the process of starting a farm the size of two football fields to grow food for the orphans and destitute. The older orphans, widows and destitute themselves will work on the farm. The farm will not only provide food but will also provide a means to earn some income (from selling the extra produce).

Bible Distribution:
Glory Power Ministries has distributed 4,372 Bibles, mostly in the countries of South Africa, Ukraine and India.


Orphans and Street Children Ministry:
Glory Power is partnering with two ministries in Lviv that ministers to orphans and street children. Don and Myrna worked with these ministries during their visit to Ukraine in recent years. There are approximately 140,000 orphans and 100,000 street children in Ukraine. When orphans in government orphanages reach the age of 16, they are released (or "age-out") from the orphanage even if they have no place to go.

Many of these "age-outers" end up living on the street, becoming drug addicts, prostitutes or even sex slaves. A majority of these end up dying in their twenties if they do not get help. GPM supports a ministry that has been housing age-outers for years, discipling them as Christians and teaching them how to live independently. Because these children have a place to live, they are able to get higher education learning to learn professions. GPM wants to acquire a building so that more of these orphans can be helped.

GPM also supports a church based orphanage where Don and Myrna also ministered in while in Ukraine. This wonderful orphanage has helped many troubled orphans to become faithful Christians and has found homes for a number of them. GPM is proud to help these two great ministries.

Prison Ministry:
While in Ukraine, Don and Myrna also ministered in a prison for young men (ages 14-18). GPM evangelized and discipled these young prisoners. GPM ministered to a total of 60 young prisoners, 21 of these being orphans who have no family to visit them or bring necessities. The orphans were in desperate need of winter shoes, as the winters in Ukraine are long with temperatures well below freezing. GPM was able to purchase new warm shoes for these 21 orphans. for helping provide for these precious young men. GPM continues to help and support the orphans in this prison.

Mind of Christ Ministry:
GPM's self-esteem program, “The Mind of Christ,” was translated into Ukrainian and is being taught in the prison for young men by a ministry that Glory Power is partnering with. Young inmates are renewing their minds by speaking verses daily on how God loves and accepts them, and how important, adequate, secure, and blessed they are as Christians. GPM also preached on this subject in churches in Ukraine and there was an overwhelming response particularly from older church members, asking for copies of these verses to speak every day. One woman told Don and Myrna that low self-esteem is an extremely common problem in Ukraine, even with Christians. Sadly, most Christians have low self-esteem. This program continues to be taught in Ukraine.


GPM partners with three ministries in India that minister to orphans, evangelize and disciple, and provide vocational and Bible school training. These ministries are located in the province of Andrah Pradesh, and face persecution and danger because of their work. GPM has a heart to financially support these brave, destitute pastors.


GPM also support orphans in other parts of Africa. GPM also increasingly feeds the poor in the US, as well as teaching, preaching, discipling and counseling.

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